Writing is not my only love. I've always been an avid reader...

I studied music and theatre in college and went on to earn a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting. Currently, I write songs and am active on the worship team at my church, where I work full-time as an administrative assistant.


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Review of Gatekeeper II!

Behold! http://www.brucejudisch.blogspot.com/ One of my lovely fellow OakTara authors, Bruce Judisch, has written a lovely review of Gatekeeper II: The Leaving. Check out his blog – and, while you’re at it, check out his books! I thoroughly enjoyed Katia and look forward to reading Maria at the earliest available opportunity. Happy New Year, gentle readers. I hope […]

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Gentle readers, It gives me great and abiding joy to announce that the wait is (FINALLY!!!!!) over. Gatekeeper II – The Leaving is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s not all. No indeed, good ladies and sirs (and variations thereupon). As my way of saying, “I apologize most sincerely for this atrociously long wait” (and, concurrently, to compensate for […]

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Rest, Little Seed

Last Saturday, I helped plant a garden. I’ve never been motivated – or, more honestly, courageous – enough to attempt planting a garden on my own, so it was a particularly thrilling experience to get down on my knees, place the seeds carefully a few inches apart, and use my own hands to cover them with […]

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Gatekeeper II: The Saga Continues

Hello, Dear Readers! I do apologize for my persistent and pernicious silence. I shall endeavor to be more communicative in future. In the meantime, MANY of you have come to me with the same query: “WHERE IS GATEKEEPER II?!!!!!!!” And to all, I have given the same reply: “It’s with the publisher.” Yes, OakTara has […]

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